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Com mini dicionários de tétum.

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Caros colegas, acredito que a chamada de trabalhos abaixo possa ser do seu interesse.
Um abraço,
Marcus Avelar.

ISSN: 1930-1693

Journal of the Students of
The Ph.D. Program in
Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Literaturesand Languages.
The Graduate Center
New York
LLJournal will publish its twelfth

issue in Fall 2011.

LL is an online journal dedicated to the promotion of research related to the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian worlds. Our publication seeks to be a multidisciplinary forum highlighting quality contributions in all relevant fields of study. LL publishes articles, book reviews and other original material related to literature, cultural history, cinema and visual art, cultural and gender studies, as well as applied, theoretical and sociolinguistics.

All articles related to these areas are welcome. Submissions should follow the guidelines under Author Guidelines which appear in the web page of the journal. LLpublishes works in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The editorial team could also consider publishing works in other languages. Articles can be sent in two ways:

1) Register as an author in the journal’s web page( and follow the instructions for submitting articles through that page. We recommend you see the Guide for the Perplexed Author.

2) Submit article directly via e-mail to the editorial team( In order to maintain anonymity, include the author’s personal information in the e-mail, and send the article as an attachment. The attachment should not include your name or any other indication of authorship.
The new deadline for submissions will be November 6th, 2011

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