National Civic Education Curriculum Development Conference 3rd—6th June

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"Civic Education in schools will shape Timor Leste’s identity.

National Civic Education Curriculum Development Conference 3rd—6th June
This Wednesday 3rd June begins the 2nd National Conference for the development of a standard National Civic Education Curriculum for both Pre-Secondary and Secondary Schools in all of Timor Leste. The conference will be conducted over four days with Key note speeches to begin the conference from the Minister of Education and Culture, DR. João Câncio and Director of Timor Aid, Alex Gusmao beginning at 8:30am today.

The objective of this National Conference is to create debate and to further define and strengthen Timor Leste’s vision of Citizenship. What is discussed this week will shape the civic foundations and ideals of all the student population around the entire country. The end result will be significantly improved reference materials for students and teachers in both pre Secondary and Secondary School that can be used for the next five to six years.

Invited to the conference are the leading contributors and members from Civic Society in Timor Leste, who in using their varied experience will make recommendations on the most recently amended draft curriculum. Their prerogative is to ensure that the draft meets the cultural and educational expectations of teachers, the public and the Government.

Expert presentations will be made each day including from Dr Faustino Cardoso, President of the National Commission for Elections on the symbolism and importance of Patriotism and Nationalism, Sr. Dr. Valentim Ximines, Professor at UNTL on the National Judicial system and Sr. Tiago Sarmento will provide the key note address for discussion on the topic of Citizen responsibilities and rights following the constitution of Timor Leste and other laws.

Director of Timor Aid, Alex Gusmao expressed, “It is integral for the future generations of East Timor to understand the principles of citizenship and to promote, grow and strengthen Timor Leste’s national and democratic identity.” The final version will be published and taught in the next school semester, following a training workshop for teachers on the new material.

Since 2003 Timor Aid’s Civic Education Curriculum Project has been working in a cooperative agreement with the Ministry of Education and Culture to develop a national standard in schools for Civic Education. The project’s first draft is currently used and taught in all Pre-secondary and Secondary schools today.

For any further information please contact:
  • Alex Gusmao, Director Timor Aid, ph: 731 4480 or
  • Anna McGeoch, Timor Aid, ph: 740 8641,"
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