Projecto de implementação de luz solar no distrito de Remexio

>> 20090103

Vídeo de brianbaileybb
"This is a video of my trip to East timor in October 2008 to initiate a solar lighting project in 3 villages in the Remexio district. The project will provide solar lighting to 120 homes and replace their existing lighting sources of small kerosene wick lamps. The systems cost approx $150 Australian each and each household pays an upfront fee of $10 and $2 per month. Local young people are trained in basic electricity and system maintenance and have spare parts to fix any systems that become faulty. The monthly fees are held in a bank account to pay for service calls and spare parts replacement. To make a donation email" (brianbaileybb: * Categoria: Sem fins lucrativos e ativismo; **Palavras-chave: East Timor Remexio Village Lighting Project Brian Bailey ATA )

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