"Perdão é Paz de Espírito" / "Forgiveness Is Peace of Mind" (Xanana Gusmão)

>> 20081225

Este Natal foi/é especial para mim. Aprendi muito durante o ano. Estou muito grata. A vida, depois de dolorosa, tornou a ter sentido. Um beijinho para muitas pessoas, um deles, tal como os outros, já foi dado.

Excerpt from film:
Forgiveness, to me, means peace of mind. If we can forgive, we liberate ourselves from all bad sentiments… of revenge… of self-flagellation. If we forgive, we stop a part of our life. We say no – now I am entering a new phase of my life. If not, I live everyday the sense that I am the worst victim in the world, and we are everyday trying to understand why… and we don’t live in peace. We are always trying to be selfish – “Me…me… why not him, or them?” When we don’t forgive, we don’t free ourself from thinking only on ourselves. Forgiveness is the way to live in peace.
Peace not with other people but firstly, with him- or herself.”
Xanana Gusmão

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Natal Kmanek

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Anónimo,  domingo, 28 de dezembro de 2008 às 15:16:00 WET  

It might be true to agree Xanana regarding the peace of mind which is the consequence of forgiveness. The experiences taught me that it isn't pretty easy to forgive. It isn't easy to think. This peace of mind, the Xanana's version, wouldnot be a humanizing action. A human person migt be hypnotized and he is doomed to be extinct. It would really be an annihilation of one's being. The modern people would not help to stand it.

Anónimo,  sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2009 às 06:11:00 WET  

Yes it is uncomon but the true way of thinkning and acting. The truth can only be understood by a handful of people so as to bring us to look at one noble proverb which says "In a marathon contest, when the vast majority of people run through a wrong way it would be very difficult for a person only to opt the right way for he/she would fell to be seen as mad, but you sane man/woman keep yourself on that right path for it will lead you to a safe victory" Xanana in this context is the sane and the most wise man.


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