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Fonte: | 10 de Mai de 2011
"Around the world, school attendance is at its highest level. But attendance is not enough. Are students learning? Are countries doing what it takes to ensure learning for all, to put their children and societies on a path of growth and success?

When Children Learn, Nations Prosper is a film that shows how three countries are making it happen—by prioritizing learning, measuring it regularly, and using that evidence to improve learning.

Singapore, a nation that just a generation ago was poor, has become the most competitive nation in the world -- in good part because its leaders recognized the pivotal role of learning in giving the country "an extra lift in development". We see how Singapore uses examinations to measure learning, and how it uses the information from those exams to help even students who do not pass.

In South Africa, a teacher with 30 years of experience is re-trained to informally assess whether her students are learning. As Florence becomes "a new educator altogether", she discovers that a seriously under-performing child has barriers to learning at home. This year, the boy has gone from illiterate to the top of his class.

And in rural Colombia, students are taking charge of their own learning through a schooling model called "Escuela Nueva." We meet Yesica, the daughter of a coffee farmer, whose father is happy and proud to see her enjoying a quality education that is opening up bright new opportunities for her that he never had. Now in Colombia, rural schools are out-performing urban ones.

Personal stories bring When Children Learn, Nations Prosper to life -- and underscore how lives and nations can be transformed when countries give priority to making learning happen." ()

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