Solidariedade para com as vítimas recentes na Indonésia

>> 20091012

"A villager salvages her belongings from the ruins of her house at the quake-hit Durian Bumbung village in Padang Pariaman, Indonesia's West Sumatra province, October 8, 2009." (REUTERS/Crack Palinggi | Trauma haunts quake survivors in West Sumatra | Written by: Thin Lei Win)

"INDONESIA: What both aid workers and media are still struggling to get a handle on in the aftermath of the West Sumatra earthquake is the scale of the disaster, writes AlertNet correspondent Thin Lei Win from Indonesia. Indonesia's official toll from the quake is 704 dead and 295 missing, but the health minister said it could reach 3,000. And the United Nations on Friday launched an appeal for $38 million. Yet, more than a week has passed by and we are none the wiser over damages beyond the big cities and the number of villages hit by the quake. Most aid workers say the figures are incomplete. In this story a woman tells AlertNet about the trauma of surviving the earthquake. Click here for the video story of how a man had to cut off his leg to free himself from rubble."


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