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Sculpture Exhibition Opening Night and Dinner
Presented by Arte Moris
Hosted by Oceanview

Thursday November 10th @ 6pm

Please join us for a night of culture, art and entertainment!

RSVP to or Facebook by November 8

We will be entertained by Orquestra Ordem Publica & Melchior Dias Fernandes.

A special dining offer is optional for $20pp by purchasing tickets in advance through:

   Dada @ Arte Moris: 3310346 or 7611734
   Danny @ Oceanview: 7236041 or 7238896


Carving Through Time

From animist iconography, to representations of human and other animal forms, Timorese culture has manifested, and been represented, through the hands of wood carvers throughout Timor.

The wood sculptors at Arte Moris are not cultural artisans in the historical sense. They are fine artists who follow the traditions of modern art. However, since the inception of Arte Moris, the artists have often endeavoured to express their cultural identities through their modern art practices.

This exhibition - 'Carving Through Time' - is a wonderful example of that. These contemporary sculptures not only invoke ancestors of the past, they also envision ideas of the future.
The exhibition will be showcased at Oceanview until the 24th of November. Oceanview is here.

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