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>> 20101227

Indoleaks is a similar Wikileaks webpage that tries to load the secret documents in the country. You can access this site at www.indoleaks.org
Indoleaks already contains 6 documents which can be downloaded by visitors. These documents include by the following:
  • Hasil Audit BPK atas Lumpur Lapindo
  • Laporan Kedubes Amerika Mengenai Timor Timur
  • Transkrip Soeharto – Gerald Ford
  • Laporan Tim Kerja Kasus Munir di Paripurna DPR
  • Laporan Akhir TPF Kasus Meninggalnya Munir
  • Ringkasan Laporan Akhir TPF Kasus Meninggalnya Munir

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